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CanTeach Connections provides support to English classrooms in El Salvador through remote and onsite volunteerism, financial assistance, scholarships, and cross-cultural connections using technology. 


We are a grassroots Registered Charity run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about making a difference for students of English. Read more about our programs, their impact on students and teachers, and ways to get involved in Canada or in El Salvador. 

Board of Directors
Betty Ann Colquhoun

Betty Ann is a retired teacher with a passion for languages, cultures, and travel. She has made many trips to El Salvador and finds inspiration in the teachers and learners of English everywhere she goes. 

Wanda Cakebread

Wanda is a retired teacher and chaplain. She has travelled to El Salvador as a volunteer. She was impressed with the dedication of the students and teachers.

Heather Colquhoun-small.jpg
Heather Colquhoun

Heather is a Canadian HR executive, and an avid traveler and lover of languages. On a trip to El Salvador she saw firsthand the benefits to teachers and students alike, and was inspired by the students' passion for learning English.  

Lisa Huhse

Lisa is an elementary French teacher. Inspired by strong female mentors, she hopes to instil in her Canadian students a strong sense of social justice in her role with CTC. She looks forward to working for more open access to education for children around the world, beginning in El Salvador.

Diane Jones
Heather Colquhoun

Diane is a part time potter and a fulltime volunteer with her church where she is involved with the parish refugee sponsorship program, the social justice committee and the Harambee project which supports the Notre Dame Children Outreach in Kenya. Diane joins the CanTeach Connections board with a firm belief that education is the key to escaping poverty.

Linda Guacci

Linda is a retired teacher and has been interested in working with students from other countries for a long time. She was involved in an organization that facilitated a student exchange between Costa Rica and Canada. Linda believes that learning more about another’s culture makes us all more open and accepting. As a member of CanTeach Connections she greatly enjoys helping students improve their English through our Skype program.

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