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Volunteer in Canada
  • Skype with Individuals

  • Participate on a CanTeach Committee 

    • Fundraising, Promotion

  • Promotion Help

    • Graphic Design, PowerPoint

  • Board Member

Volunteer in El Salvador

Teaching assistance in English classrooms

  • Support students learning English    

    • Materials and orientation provided 

    • Teaching experience not necessary

Donate to a Program 
CanTeach Connections is a grassroots, non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Donations can be made by cheque or via e-transfer. 

Scholarship Fund 


A year at the national university in El Salvador (UES) costs approximately $600 CAD per year. Private universities are closer to $1200 CAD per year. Our Scholarship Program supports 1-2 students, who have excelled academically and whose program of study will English, to pursue further education. 

Donate to the Scholarship Fund as an individual contributor, or sponsor a Scholarship recipient. 

  • Individual donation from $20 

  • Sponsor a recipient from $300 - $600 (per semester)

Student Emergency Fund

Individual students often struggle to even come to school due to lack of money for bus fare, lunch, or English textbooks. 


Donate to the Emergency Fund to provide these necessities. 

  • $30 - bus fare for a month 

  • $30 - lunches for a month

  • $30 - English textbook which is not provided and is much more expensive than their other subjects

Internet Emergency Fund - $30 covers one month of data for two students

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