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Scholarship Program

CanTeach Connections offers an annual scholarship to a graduating high school student of limited financial means who wishes to study English at the national university. We collaborate with the Salvadoran teachers of English to choose the deserving student, who is supported for two years providing academic requirements are met. Volunteers who travel to El Salvador typically meet up with current and former scholarship winners. 

English Classroom Teaching Support

Volunteers assist in English classrooms in El Salvador, working with the teacher of English to provide a native speaker model. You do not need to be a teacher, just be comfortable in a classroom and speak English well. You might be asked to read aloud, help with vocabulary, help individual students, etc.

Technology-based English conversation
Virtual Conversations from Canada

From the comfort of home, Canadian volunteers talk with a Salvadoran student using Skype, helping the student improve their English. Often the Canadian volunteer is the first native speaker that the Salvadoran student meets. Through email a mutually agreed-upon time is arranged. This is great for people who are not able to travel, or who are still working. A no-cost way to make a difference!

Student Emergency Fund

Often teachers are aware of a student whose family is going through a particularly difficult time and who cannot afford bus fare. Other students have no food at home to bring for lunch and no money to buy lunch at school. Others may not be able to afford the English textbook. CanTeach Connections provides the principal with an emergency fund, to be used at his discretion when teachers make him aware of a particular need. Recent recipients have been able to stay in school due to this fund. 

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