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Meet Teresa!

My name is Teresa Guadalupe Roque, I'm 18 years old.

I live with my mom, she works at selling some traditional food, my little brother, and my sister, she's 15 and it seems like if we are twins.

I will study at Francisco Gavidia University, I love languages, even though I'm just starting to learn English, it's something that has always been in my blood and I really love the fact of knowing about other cultures.

Sometimes I look like if I don't talk very much, but the truth is that I am shy, but when I feel comfortable I can be the funniest, a weird fact about me is that I don't like Facebook.

I have so many plans for my future, at first I want to finish University with good grades, I would like to learn other languages, get a job and save money to travel and practice what I learned.


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