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Third Group's a Charm! More Teachers Are Chatting

Our third group of the Teacher Conversation Partner program is underway! Salvadoran teachers meet in virtual conversation with Canadian volunteers for 10 hours, then receive a certificate of participation.

Conversation topics are up to the partners: "We discuss culture, travel, food and family. We have lots of laughs as well. Thank you CanTeach for this opportunity, it is an absolute pleasure." Sometimes grammar comes up, or new vocabulary, as illustrated by the photo below showing the chat feature of virtual meetings which can be helpful to write out a word or phrase that the pair is discussing.

A key to the program's success has been open communication between CanTeach's program director and the Salvadoran Ministry of Education program contact to navigate cross-cultural nuances and set the program up for best success on both sides.

Photo: El Salvador teacher Telma with her Canadian conversation partner John use the chat feature.


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