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New Fund in Pandemic Times

The pandemic has driven teachers and students to online learning in El Salvador as it has in Canada. Many students don't have a computer or internet at home and rely on using their cell phone to access class materials and submit assignments.

CanTeach learned that many students did not have money to add data to their phones, meaning they were unable to submit their homework. When school is in session, CanTeach offers a Student Emergency Fund. In these virtual delivery times, students are still eager to learn and CanTeach has therefore redirected the school-based fund to be an Internet Emergency Fund. The Salvadoran teacher accesses this fund on behalf of students who need their data topped up and learning continues! CanTeach has heard from many students, including this one: "Many thanks CanTeach for the help reloading my data since my family during this pandemic has economic problems. Now with this help I will be able to submit on time. Many thanks and God bless you."

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