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Pandemic Prompts Online Classroom Sessions

CanTeach Connections hasn't stopped supporting the learning of English during the pandemic. In fact, seven student teachers-in-training and two additional undergrad students from Laurier University approached CanTeach to volunteer their time after their school year ended.

With the Salvadoran school year running from February to October, the pandemic prompted a move to online learning across the country, as it did in many places in the world. CanTeach's director, Betty Ann, set up a call with the Salvadoran English teachers we work with, to solicit their ideas for how CanTeach and these volunteers could support their online learning of English. They decided on holding remote sessions which encouraged conversation, listening comprehension, and cultural exchange.

In all, more than 20 sessions were delivered to Salvadoran classes which included presentations about famous Canadians, several Canadian holidays, and question & answer 'get to know you' sessions that gave Salvadoran students a chance to practice their English in conversation with the volunteers.

Salvadoran students gained confidence learning and speaking English and learned about Canadian culture. The student teacher volunteers were truly ambassadors of Canada, prompting a Salvadoran teacher to remark: "Are all Canadians so friendly?" Thanks to all the volunteers for their enthusiastic contribution!


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