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CanTeach Connections Launch!

New Waterloo-based Non-Profit Supports the Teaching & Learning of English in El Salvador

We are proud to introduce you to CanTeach Connections! We are a non-profit corporation and are ready to start gathering more Skype volunteers, fundraising, and preparing for a group of volunteers to travel to El Salvador in the spring of 2016, because Education Changes Lives.

Our website is Please visit it to learn more about our programs and how to get involved. CanTeach Connections is run entirely by volunteers and we welcome interested people to work with us. You do not have to be a board member to attend our meetings and help with fundraising, Skype, publicity, etc. We know that there is lots of talent out there. Please consider sharing yours with us.

2016 Programs

In 2016, we will offer one new scholarship to a graduating student from the high school where we do most of our work, INSAB. We have worked collaboratively with the English teachers and school administration to choose a deserving recipient for 2016. Her name is Teresa and she is eager to start her university semester beginning in January. On learning she was the winner, Teresa had this to say: “Thanks for this huge opportunity that you have giving to me, I can’t describe all my emotions right now because I didn't expect this would happen. Thanks a lot, I would put my biggest effort in everything that I have to do, all my family is happy for this and they also say Thanks”

We also hope to continue to provide this school’s principal with a contingency fund of at least US$350 to be used on an emergency basis to help students who are having difficulty with the basis costs of attending school. In the past the fund has helped students with bus fare to and from school ($25 provides one month’s fare), lunches at school (also $25 for the month), the English textbook ($25) and to help to purchase eyeglasses for a student whose family could not otherwise afford them. At the end of the year we receive a report regarding the number of students we have helped.

How You Can Help

Our immediate need is to raise funds for the scholarship fund and the contingency fund, both of which provide deserving and needy students with financial support to help them continue their studies.

While it is our intention to apply for status as a Registered Charity, we know that the process is slow. Until we receive charitable status, we cannot offer tax receipts for donations. However, we hope that you will still consider making a contribution. Contact us to learn more here. Every bit helps.

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