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CanTeach Scholarship Graduate Lands 'Full English' Role

As you might know, I had my graduation ceremony event this past Thursday and I could not be happier!! I finally have my degree!!!

I want to thank you and all the CanTeach members who were part of this journey, thank you for all the support, this achievement is also yours!!!!.

In addition, I want to mention that I have a job now!, I started working for a company called "Intradesa", it is a big manufacturing company based in El Salvador that is a branch of "Intradeco", which handles so many clothing brands around the world.

I have an Order Entry Assistant position, full English. What I do is record the orders of the customers into the system, no calls are involved. As customers, I refer to businesses. A big part of the orders come from high schools and universities from the United States. The branch where I work, sells clothing as well embroidery, screenprint, sublimation, etc. So they hire them to design the logos and their apparel as well. I recently entered more than 100 orders from UCLA!.

The position is from Monday to Friday, and it is soooo near from my home. It is located 15 minutes from INSAB.

I want to share with you some pictures from the graduation event as well as the company ID card that I was given.

Here is the link to the ceremony event in case you want to watch it too!

Thank you!



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