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Cross-cultural Connections

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Our Skype program had a very successful inaugural "One-time" interview project that saw 35 Salvadoran students connect by Skype with 35 Canadian volunteers. Students interviewed their Canadian volunteer using a set of questions provided to them by their teacher in collaboration with CanTeach Connections.

Here are some of the highlights, as expressed by the volunteers:

"I learned that Sandra really wants to learn English so she can in turn become a teacher. That's the reward." -Bruce

"We take for granted that these students have had little or no contact with native English Speaker." -Volunteer

"Great opportunity to connect with a young woman from another country. Friendship." -DLW

"I learned how enthusiastic a young Salvadorean student was to practise his English." - H.M.

"I was glad to see that Alexis was able to understand a bit of humour too. I was amazed at that as I kept everything short and literal. We had fun discussing basketball and baseball teams as well as food in El Salvador. He thought it was neat that I had a map of El Salvador in front of me." -Susan from Kitchener

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