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CanTeach Club Initiated at Wilfred Laurier University

Wilfrid Laurier University student Dean Emanuel found his experience volunteering as a conversation partner with a high school student so rewarding that he proposed to our board of directors that he start a campus club. We welcomed the idea and in September 2021 CanTeach Connections Laurier was officially launched.

The club has a membership of 35, 18 of whom are volunteering as conversation partners with a Salvadoran student from high school or university who is currently studying English and wants to practise speaking with a native English speaker. The program is

benefitting both parties, as shown by some of the comments we have received from Laurier students.

Volunteering has been such a great experience not only for A. I presume, but for myself as well.
Absolutely loving the program so far! My partner is actually in school to become an English teacher in El Salvador. With me also wanting to teach we have a lot in common. Looking forward to continuing to get to know her better
I am really enjoying the program! My conversation partner D. is so sweet and we have great conversations.

Club President Dean and his team have some fundraising plans in mind, which will help us to boost our scholarship and emergency funds. They are also collaborating with Salvadoran English teachers, hoping to produce some digital materials for use in their classes.

CanTeach is thrilled to have this partnership and we look forward to ongoing collaboration. You can follow CanTeach Connections Laurier on Instagram to keep up with their progress.


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