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Where are they now? An update from previous CanTeach scholarship recipients

Jacquiline Paz

Hi, my name is Jacqueline Paz, I won the Can teach scolarship in 2016, actually I'm in my 5th year of University on International marketing, since then I tried in diferent areas, on 2017 I took a course of digital marketing that was one of my favorites expreciences, I continued my english studies and with my scolarship was easy to got the right material and the resources to start my first years in the university. On 2020 I started with my first work, Is in a call center, got this job was literally unexpeted because we were on the middle of the pandemic.

Last year also I started a Graphic design course, was amazing because I could improve my marketing skills with that course, first god I'll be finishing my career next year. On future I want to get a diferent job, and Im going to work hard to get that one!

Teresa Roque

Hello! My name is Teresa Roque, and I am the 2015 scholarship recipient. Six years have passed since I graduated from INSAB; now, I am about to graduate with honors in English Major.

I will be forever grateful to CanTeach Connections for the assistance that they provided to me. Undoubtedly, it has motivated me to continue working on my future.

Currently, I am one step closer to reach my goal. The support of these amazing people made a significant impact on my life and the ones around me. I am looking forward to being able to help others to achieve their goals too!

Thank you, CanTeach!


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